341 Needs Animation Help!

Wow, the last one is no GI? the shadow patterns over the textures match almost perfectly with the “play-dough” render.

When you turn on secondary, or indirect lighting, you’ll get the same shadowing especially when you turn on bounces more than one.

After sleeping on it, I suppose anything that is given to you by FIRST or Autodesk should be usable, like the extrusion CAD files, I agree it will make things less grunt work and more time to actually work.

There is a BIG difference between using a car that someone else made and using a small part like a motor. The FirstCAD Library is there to use as a resource, and there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with using it. Ed Sparks devotes his time and energy so that we can use what he has made, so why wouldn’t you use it? I guess if you want to spend weeks making intricate small parts that came with the kit of parts, go ahead, but I know I’d much rather focus on getting my message across in my animation.

It’s been awhile since I’ve checked on this thread–And I believe that some of the things said in the contents of this thread are out of line. I understand that the animation had to have been our own work, through and through. IT WAS.
We were just trying to find reference, and in the end–I dont think we needed it. :ahh: