341 Teams signed up for Championships

I just checked the list of teams for Championships and noticed that 341 teams are now signed up! Who is lucky number 341 and what division are they in?
FIRST Robotics Competition Teams Attending The Championship Event

i believe it is team 368 NASA Ames Research Center/HECO/RHT Enterprise/SUMMA Technology, Inc. & McKinley High School from Honolulu, HI USA and they are in the Archimedes division

That’s kinda creepy and quite a coinky dink ,well i guess WE are lucky team 341 lol lol lol
see ya in atlanta

Archimedes just got even better. 368 has a great bot, and embodies everything FIRST stands for.

When I talked to them at SVR they had no plans to attend nationals, and were only going to Vegas the next week. I’m glad to see they’ll be making it out to Atlanta :slight_smile:

2/4 Hawaiian teams. Not bad.

1156 also got added to the list (they’re in Newton) while 314 dropped out.

Hmm… now I need to find a way to integrate them into my story. Shouldn’t be too hard…

Well that really steals our coinky dink right away from us.

Great to see two more teams added to the list for the Championships. Good luck to both teams at the competition.

Team 341 appears to be in Galileo…
Look at Galileo…