3414 featured in local news!

Team 3414, the Hackbots, were featured in two local news articles! This was our first year as a unified team between all three of our district’s high schools, and it has been a very successful, fun-filled, build season. We can’t wait until our first competition, Waterford District!

I would like to suggest that you guys build the box for those goals and add some chains, if you have a practice robot. Those frisbees look to be travelling pretty quickly, and having them bounce back out could be a nasty surprise.

Thanks for you suggestion.
We did put chains on the high goal, and are working on a PID control to accurately slow down the shots.

Very nice looking robot. With that much power, can you shoot full court?

Good luck and we will see you at Waterford!

Yes, we can shoot full court. We will hopefully have more video coming soon.

More video available…

No shortage of power!

  • Attached chains with zip-ties, zip-ties broke
  • Attached chains with bolts, goal broke

You should definitely create a box for the back of that goal and make sure the frisbees don’t bounce out. It would be a shame to build up that beautiful robot only to figure out it is TOO powerful.

We will definitely put a backboard on the goal for our later testing. All of these shot were made at close range on full power. We tested later in the day with 50%-75% power with better results.