343 at week five!

the robot is in low gear during this session, we aren’t actually that slow :smiley:



bump climbing:




questions? comments?

Wow. What do you have in that bar-grabber? and how does it release after the match?

it is a v-shaped plate that has two spring loaded clips with one-way bearings. and to release, you just tilt it forward to take off the force, then set it on the ground and release the clips :smiley:


Yet another great machine from one of MORT’s favorite teams.

Was the robot going full speed over the bump in the video?

no, it is in low gear which full out is about 1/4 of the speed of high gear.

Impressive climbing, I like the four bar:)

i like how you used the poles themselves to climb, instead of grapaling the top.

Do you have a method of holding the ball to the front of your bot?

Yes we have a vacume we are working on. That will hold it for us.

Looking good 343! Good luck this season.

what pole are you going to grab on to? They are all 7ft off the ground aren’t they?

no… the top of the tower is 7ft off the ground… but their are four steel poles to hold the tower up… nice work guys… many teams including us didn’t even think of using the support poles for climbing

Very nice Chris. Can’t wait to tear it up with you at Palmetto. Can’t wait to see who has more pushing power (which you look to have plenty).

Thanks that would have been nice to know before desining the lifter all thought i dont think it would have changed our overall desine

K. Fire in the hole! woOOOOoooooo.

Love it! Nice job guys!!! Coming to Peachtree right?

Looks good 343. Does it go under the tunnel? How far does it kick? I knew you guys would go back to your tank tread days…great job.

Headed down to Florida this year. Our height constraint is 17", so we can go under if needed. The design chalenge was to fit the hanger, kicker, electronics, pneumatics, vacuum, and drive train in the 17" high robot. We actually are only 36" long, so we still had room:rolleyes:

Current kicker is only 35 ft. The stronger one got changed for fear of kicking out of bounds.

Try fitting all of that (minus pneumatics) in a chassis only 30" long… :ahh:

looks great, cant wait to see that at FL… if there is a webcast