343 at week five!

Can it get hung up on the bump if you’re on top and the bot gets turned?

Looks slick though!

the weight gets unbalanced before it will beach itself. im sure that its possible to get it hung… but its not easy to

HELLOOOoooo from the NE :smiley:
What a great job you have done on the bot. Love the hanging super effort on this. We at TJ2 hope you have a great year with the bot. Seeeee yaaaa
some place some time. ::ouch::
Moe and Team 88 TJ2 oh yeah ??? OH YEAH !!! TYE DYE for ever…

2 SC robots with treads heheheheeeh the fun begins.

Good Luck to my Team. I know you will do well this year. I will be “glued” to the tube, if there is a web cast of the Florida Regional, and definitely at Palmetto on Saturday. :smiley:

can’t wait to see it at SC =)