343's Robot - Arm-Strong v.2.0

The link shows Arm-Strong v.2.0 as we thinking about what we wanted it to do during autonomous

Picture of Arm-Strong v.2.0 stacking 6 totes and a recycling can.

The YouTube video is set to Private.

Try again. I realized that I had forgotten to publish it. You should be able to go there now.

Great job! Have you considered programming the robot to back away from the stack a bit more to ensure that there is no ambiguity as to whether it is supported by the robot or not?

Not quite:

Also, I’m sure you guys already realize this, but I hope you’ve worked since that video was taken to speed things up. That was over 20 seconds, even if you take into account that the video starts after the robot does. Getting it down from 20 seconds to under 15 was not trivial, at least for us…

Whoops! I guess I need to read that section again!

The robot in this video was actually being controlled by our driver. We wanted to see if we could get it down to 15 seconds. Also, we plan to have the robot back up some more. We are working on several autonomoses (or is that autonomosi). The one in the video would need our alliance partners to move their recycling cans. We also are working in one that does not get a recycling can but does stack all three totes. And the last program would just move our robot. So many ideas, so little time. Tempus Fugut!

Just a warning, make sure it’s under 15 seconds. If you speed the drive up it could work, but the bin may tip off. Worth a shot.

Even if the autonomous isn’t all the way up to snuff in the video, this looks like the most promising Metal In Motion machine in a couple years. There was a long, long history with 343 back when I was on 2815*, and I’d love to see you guys make another deep run at Palmetto.

*2815 was founded in 2009 under the leadership of Donn Griffith, one of the founders of 343, and Stephen Kowski who played with and against them during their early-2000s white-hot streak–both of whom were quite ready to create a similarly hot streak down in Columbia. 2010, 343 picks 2815’s twin 1398 and wins Palmetto. 2011, 2815 plays 343 in the Palmetto finals and wins. 2012, 343 and 2815 meet twice in two weeks in eliminations, with 343 winning the Peachtree quarters but 2815 winning the Palmetto finals again.

We have been working with our practice bot in true autonomous and I think we will have something like this ready for Palmetto, with a few tweaks on practice day as well as at least one more auto mode

check out our facebook page! We got it! 3 tote auto! The other teams do have to move cans out of the way, but we made it work TWICE in competition at Palmetto.

Here is a link to the video showing our autonomous at Palmetto.

Here are 2 pictures of our robot from the Peachtree Regional.