3467 Blows (Right Into the Trap)

Let’s talk Leaf Blowers

This past weekend being our 3rd event this season, we worked on some experimental features, one of them being investigating 4028’s modified leaf blower concept to potentially score in the trap and how we might be able to implement it to our application.

As we talked about in our Behind The Bumpers Interview this past weekend (Thank you @Tyler_Olds for showcasing the hard work our kids have put in this season), we found some interesting facts regarding our leaf blower similar to how 4028 uses it and more importantly how we can integrate into our system.

As a team, we originally decided on kickoff day to not make the trap our priority, and design a mechanism as we had time to do so, marking it as a TBD in our Priority List . After 4028 released their reveal video showcasing a blower fan to blow the trap door open to shoot, we decided to give it a try and see if it could work with our geometry. We heard that it was a deconstructed Milwaukee Leaf Blower and began the deconstruction process of our own Milwaukee M12™ Compact Spot Blower we had in the pit.

Turns out, the motor that drives the leaf blower is a Non-FIRST Legal 775 (pretty common for power tools) which we simply replaced with a FIRST Legal 775 PRO Motor.

After a quick swap from that motor to a 775 Pro and simply press fitting the already existent output shaft from the leaf blower to the motor, we reassembled it and tested it at the practice field primarily focused on testing the most optimal angle for the blower to be mounted.

Since Greater Boston, we’ve mounted it to our robot in between the uprights of the arm underneath the shooter to check the geometry and angle that the leaf blower is positioned and tested some different angles and positions relative to the field, along with auto align:

Next step is to improve the pose estimation accuracy with the Apriltags to improve the repeatability of the shot and then run it in full cycle matches!


This is beautiful! I absolutely love how this new method of scoring in trap just came almost out of no where when 4028 posted their reveal.


I’d love to watch that irl. Great concept!

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Makes me reminiscent of the suction cup climbers in 2019: one team posted a reveal with one and next thing you know they’re everywhere come Worlds. Elegant solution to the trap!

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Hey Google? “How do I delete someone else’s meta defining post and repost it after district champs?”



Super clean install, looks like you planned it from day 1. Can’t wait to see you do it in matches!


Another member of the Fan Club!


Video of trap score in a match is required to be in the fan club! :crazy_face:


Its gotta be one of the goofiest things in FRC but it 1000% works. The little “shake” we could see on the trap door was just enough to get it open.

We actually bought the same blower last week and went through the same process pulling out the non frc legal 775.

Unfortunately the geometry just dosen’t work for us. Couldn’t mount it without effecting our shooter. But if you can those milwake spot blowers are great for pulling this off.


Is the air opening the trap door or is it keeping the note from falling out? Or both? Hard to tell from the videos, but this has to be one of the funniest solutions to a game challenge I’ve ever seen.

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The primary function of the fan is to hold open the trap


This blows.


The fan does certainly help with keeping the notes in & stabilizing their trajectory. Compared to clamping the trap door open with no fan, we noticed significantly greater accuracy while using the fan, alongside a greater margin of error.


Same findings for us- and we run TWO of the bilge blower fans.

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do you guys already have the CAD for mounting it ?

Should be updated on our OnShape soon.

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Sorry but this is the first thing I thought of. https://youtu.be/K25BvZAIDUg?si=lBBkj5yb0i_twCwf

Can you post a photo of this assembled? / a video of where it is on your robot?

I don’t have a photo/video of how we have it mounted unfortunately (I’ve been at the shop all week and haven’t taken a single photo for some reason) but I just updated our Full Robot CAD in OnShape, but here’s an additional photo of our mounting solution:

Note that the modeled blower is the length of the blower and accurate diameter WITH the twist on extension accessory that the M12 Blower comes with.

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1591 is excited to be joining the Fan Club. We cut ours down even further to get it just under 10" for packaging and have been pleased with the results so far.