3476 Code Orange 3.7 lbs scaler


Impressive! May I ask how the hook is raised? Is it a tape measure lift or some sort of pneumatic device? Or something else?

Does that weight also include the motor/gearbox?

yes, its 1 775 pro and a versa gearbox.

Very cool! How are you deploying the hook?

Stop by our pit. The students who designed it would love to explain it.

What gear ratio are you using?

I assume you mean Versaplanetary Gearbox?

If so, just a heads up, those things really like to explode under high loads. We love the VP’s, but we’ve blown up our fair share of them over the years…

Looks awesome.


By the look and sound of it, I suspect a long, thin cylinder for delivering the hook.

Just replace the gearbox every match. :rolleyes:

Yeah Kevin keeps telling me this. We kept the spool diameter small to keep the gear ratio low. Saved a ton of weight too with a small spool

For those of us not going to St. Louis this year, some pictures would be nice. :smiley:

Here’s a video of our scale + shoot.

My two guesses are either constant force springs mounted at the top and pulling the bottom, or something like this but using a grippy wheel and friction on the rod. I am excited to check this out in a few days.