3487 Reveal Video

Ladies and gentlemen, Red Pride Robotics presents


Appearing at the Bloomington and Columbus FIN events.

Good luck teams!


Looking good! Exited to play with you guys!

Just wondering, why GONK? :rofl:

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Gonk droid


Whats the purpose of the plastic piece under your intake? it looks interesting but it seems to prevent you from picking up a power cell occasionally.

Without it, power cells tend to get sucked under the bumper when we approach them at speed. They help the PCs “float” in front of the robot so we can ingest them more easily.

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ah. I guess it is better to bump a powercell out of the way rather than getting one stuck underneath you

How much vertical compression is that?

Looks sweet! I like the novel intake with the plastic, looks like it will help consistency driving around a crowded field. The climb looks pretty fast too.

Another common streamlined solution to that is just to make your intake run faster. If you can get the surface speed of your rollers to about 2x the max speed of your robot, you should have little problems with balls getting stuck in front of your robot while intaking.

Thanks for the insight. Our intake is about 3x the drivetrain speed. The power cells are so sticky, though, that they curl underneath unless they’re within about 3" of the bumper gap.

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Ah, very cool.

The intake, throughput, and yeeter are all about 6".

We played with different compressions, and found that for this style of expeller, the PCs weren’t in contact with the wheels long enough for compression to be valuable. In fact, it would lead to the PCs getting stuck if 2 or more came in at the same time - even if they weren’t touching. You may notice the top and bottom wheels are offset - a solid cylinder of wheels was proving to be ineffective.
It’s running off a RedlineA through a 4:1 57Sport.

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