#35 Sprocket on CIM Motor

Are there any #35 Sprocket series sprockets that I can mount directly on a 0.313" CIM Motor? If no, how can I mount one? Thanks!

This year Team 2470 drilled a hole into the center of a CIMple box shaft, then put the CIM shaft in the CIMple box shaft. From there we drilled a hole through both the CIM and CIMple box shafts to put a size 8 screw in a bolted it down.

From here we were able to mount a #35 sprocket on the end. I’m sure there are many different ways to do it but we found this way the quickest and easiest.

Thisis a great way to do it

Make a bushing from 1/2" shaft, about 1-1.25" long bore the center to .313 / 8mm & broach a keyway for the CIM- (3/32" if you don’t have a metric broach should work). Then put a hole through the bushing for the set screw from the sprocket to go through the bushing and lock onto the key, blue loctite in place. We’ve done this many times over the years with #35B10 sprockets.

Hope this helps.

Make an adapters from 8mm/2mm key to .500"/.125" key, then use a 1/2" bore sprocket.

Or buy them already made here:

We made some similar, but didn’t run the 1/8" key slot all the way across because of the thin wall.

Thank you for all the replies! I might use jsasaki’s suggestion, the 8mm key hub, and just attach a #35 sprocket.

I almost bought one of these:
But figured with shipping time, we’d go with belt drive and boring out the sprockets from Gates.