350 Point Game!!!

happy April 1st!

I know that URL.

That was incredible!

And they could have done more!

Sooo close with the coopertition points!

I never thought of throwing the noodles like that!

Well, the blue alliance was never going to give them up.

That was crazy! And they were so close to getting like 60 more points at the end! Just 2 more seconds and they probably would have broken a record! Honestly incredible. We may have finally found a rival to 1114.

350 is an absolutely spectacular number!

Wow, I never knew a robot the size of the field was even possible! Ind the way it picked up the landfill and stacked it!

this team never lets me down

The way they do both a 3 tote 3 bin auto and a be a canburglar without moving at all was just spectacular, I can’t believe nobody thought of it!

Are we ever going to give this up? Because we can’t seem to let it down.

Was that Darude - “Sandstorm” in the background? What an epic song for such an epic occasion.

Definitely the game to beat!!! But can we talk about the red alliance’s foul?

Good point. It could have been an even higher scoring match if they would have watched out for that. And when the stack fell onto the blue alliance side, that robot got mangled pretty badly.

It almost seems like they didn’t know the rules.