3501 Scouting System

This year, I decided to create an online scouting system in order to better organize and visualize FRC 3501’s scouting data. We used this at both the Central Valley and Las Vegas regionals.

Code on GitHub: https://github.com/PikaDotus/3501-scouting. I wrote this using the Ruby on Rails web framework. This code can be used to run this application offline at competitions. Setup instructions are currently sparse, but Google something like “rails app setup instructions” for your system. ::rtm::

Live site: https://scouting-3501.herokuapp.com/. Click “new match” from the home screen to access the input and go to …/teams/XXXX to see data on team XXXX.

Screenshots of the input and output system are attached to this post.

In designing this system, I started using best practices, but as our first competition approached I cut some corners here and there. :ahh: Feel free to fork & pull request and/or comment on it here. :slight_smile:

The application is by no means final, and as I have been the only one working on it the features are currently rather limited and much of the site is unpolished and ugly. Next season it is my goal to get a number of team members actively improving and maintaining this. :cool: