3538 Controls


Its so pretty :’)
And I was afraid my students wouldn’t take to heart the stuff I said about neat wiring. (thing of mine lol)

it’s never the power that makes a board look like a nest. It’s the darned PWM cables!

ya the place that the PMW wires go has no holes…(are you going to drill extra?)

No they run up top so there easy to see. There are tie-wraps thru the holes to keep them nice and neat though. Will update picture on Wednesday :slight_smile:

Nice work on your wiring, now to ensure my team keeps our PWM cables clean too.

Our wiring is even neater! Or it was neater. At some point in time. We used lightweight plastic made up of square channel and ran wires through the inside. But the PWMs mess everything up.

It seems that one of the best reasons to use the CAN bus is to prevent a huge nest of PWM cables. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my goodness.
Our cables weren’t that bad until tonight, they had just gotten the sensor wiring done. It’s such a mess…