3538 uprights 67 at FiM Southfield

Quals 58 was pretty crazy. 67 tipped over but was saved, 835 falls over almost hitting a ref, then 67 climbs with 33 on its back. A roller coaster of emotions. Attached are some videos to go along. Excuse the first two being portrait, they were snapchats.

67 is saved
67/33 climb
Full match

Thought it was pretty cool so I thought I’d share.

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Looks like 835’s elevator got a little “adjustment” in that fall! :eek:

Cool but how is 67’s ramp not a bumper violation?
It comes down to the carpet.

The carpet is in the PLATFORM ZONE, and the ramp goes up with the robot.

They are still fully within the platform zone per rule G05 so they aren’t breaking any rules.

I don’t think KellyCook was referring to the frame perimeter extension rule.

Earlier in the season, the Q&A clarified that you could extend below the bottom of you robot (which would normally lift the robot up and cause a violation of the bumper zone rules) but the raised platform this year allows for mechanisms that, when placed on a flat surface, do not violate the bumper zone but still extends below the robot during operation.

That poor poor elevator.

I cringed hard.

If we deploy the ramp on a flat floor our bumpers are in the bumper zone. The key is that the ramp can’t lift the robot.

Good thing 3538 can lift the robot :slight_smile:

Great looking robots to everyone involved, I really just love how nonchalant 3538 looks during this.


Adlai, in the most nonchalant voice, goes “We are probably just going to go pick them up…” seconds later we laugh as they do it effortless.