3553 SPRambots Make the Front Page

It may not be the best written or most accurate article in the world, but hey, finally some positive news coming out of South Philly High School. :slight_smile: I couldn’t be more proud!

*We have raised the funds and are already registered. Extra money is for travel and lodging/meals for all the students.

Great job! I’m glad your team gets to go!

Can’t wait to see you and 3553 in St Louis!

Oh wait… sorry Akash… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch Nikki. Salt in the wounds…salt in the wounds. :frowning:

I’ll be sure to have them check out 2016’s robot and pit :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter about the way the article was written, only that, it was indeed written.

I am really excited to see what you are going to do next year Akash and 3553. Hopefully, I’ll be around to catch a regional next year.