360 Controller help!!!

for our parade robot that we are currently building we are using labview, we have used java in previous years and we will be using labview from now on, however my self and another programmer cannot figure out how to implement the XboxController.vi that we have downloaded to be used in tankdrive. please help… be as specific as possible and possibly include sites, documents and pictures or anything that can help. Thank you

There’s not really much to using an xBox game controller in FRC LabVIEW.
If you want comments on using the particular vi that you’ve downloaded, then you’ll need to post it or a link to it for advice.

The xbox controller connects to a USB port, then shows up as any other joystick in your robot’s LabVIEW code.

Controls translate to this:

The robot code looks like this:

Expand the axis and buttons to see more of each that are available from the xbox controller.

Just add it as a normal joystick and treat the two analog sticks as two joysticks. Just use both of their Y axis variables. Connect those to the tank drive VI.

If you have any questions just PM me. I’m happy to help you! :slight_smile: