360 HELP!!

Need help understanding how to use a xbox 360 controller for the robot instead of a regular joystick. Like coding and reference names for the controller

It works essentially the same as a joystick.

If you plug the controller into the driver station computer, open the “FRC Driver Station” program, click on the USB devices tab on the left, and select the controller in the list- you will be able to see the mapping of axes and buttons (starting from 0), and whatever the number left of the controller is in the list will be the number of that “Joystick” in Begin.vi.

Do you have any tips for a new programmer like myself?

I recommend looking at the examples in LabVIEW -> Help -> Find Examples…

They have code for almost everything a team would want.

Does anyone have a screen shot of what the POV should look like on Labview?

Here is the axis, button and POV mapping for an Xbox 360 controller.