360, Wii, or PS3

It’s also fair to say that you can’t directly compare the PS3 cells to the XBOX360 cells.


Does anyone here actually own a XBOX360?

All the power in the world means diddly if the gameplay isn’t there.
Right now, it looks like Nintendo will have some amazing gameplay with its innovative controller.

Yes, but the redesign of the PS3 controller will also include motion sensing abilities. Granted, it probably won’t be to the extent that the Wii has it, but it should be pretty interesting to see how it turns out. I suppose it would be pretty hard to make a realistic FPS without a system similar to the Wii though, and that’s my favorite type of game. I’m looking forward to seeing how the new FPS titles incorporate the Wii control system. Nintendo hasn’t had that many FPS titles in the past (especially not relative to the other two).

I’m not too thrilled with the PS3 controller and it’s late to the party gyros in it. I’d rather have a redesigned controller more like the 360s (rumble, little heavier, etc).

As for the FPS… look at this!

i was just about to dig that up on IGN and post it. :slight_smile: but FPSs should also be fun even without the zapper style shell. with the nunchaku attachment, you still have an analog stick to use and the B trigger on the underside of the wiimote, but the zapper just makes it more realistic. :smiley:

Now that’s what I wanted to see! I seriously hope there are some good FPS titles because that looks like it would be a lot of fun to play them with. I’m not sure how well it would interface, if at all, but it would also be really fun to play GoldenEye 64 with one of those! :slight_smile:

No, but a friend of mine across the steet from me does. (He actually paid $900 for it, plus he has a Dreamcast, GameCube, XboX, PS2, and piles of games for them… yeah, he’s an only child) I spent about 3 days straight playing it over spring break, and spend probably about 6 hours weekly playing it. It is quite nice, Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, and Elder Scrolls are all, IMHO, really good. I really like it’s controllers, they aren’t really small and tightly packed (my biggest problem with the GameCube) the rumble is nice, they have good heft, and the battery life is quite good. (I’ve never had one run out of juice on me) The graphics are pretty good, but nothing that has my jaw dropping. (But he doesn’t have a hi-def TV, that may be why)

My fiance owns one that might as well be mine too. We had it the day it came out. Its ok…I’m not too into the games that XBOX releases. He loves the graphics…even bought an HDTV for it.

What screenshots? From what I heard all PS3 had to show was CGI movies.


I have had 4 Xbox 360’s.

Sold 2, 1 sent for repairs and now have one that works great!

There are a number of screenshots on a variety of sites (IGN, GamersHell, and a bunch of others). The original shots I saw were of London scenery, from the game The Getaway (they can be seen here). Truly impressive rendering.

This E3 kind of changed my mind a bit on the PS3. I’m not really a playstation nut, but I was definitely interested in where the PS3 was going after last years E3. But after the price annoucements (500 and 600 dollars… ouch!) and the addition that the 500 dollar one doesn’t come with Wi-Fi, HDMI, and the controllers don’t have rumble, I’m a bit disapointed, especially after Sony made all these claims last year.

I already have an Xbox 360, so at this point, I see no reason to spend another 800+ (System + Games + Controllers) on something that will provide a pretty similar experience. Sure, the PS3 has the 6 degrees of freedom, but apparently the Warhawk developer, the only one with a game capable of using the motion sensors, claims they were only given the tech a few weeks ago, finishing up the code a few days before the show… not a good sign. Yes, the games were impressive looking, but quite a few of those games are also coming out on the Xbox 360 as well. (Assassain’s Creed, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Unreal Tournement 2007…) Overall, I would have to say that Sony’s showing was a bit of a disappointment

Nintendo easily took the show this year, with the showing of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda: Twilight Princess, ect. The controller looks like it’s going to be awesome with a bit of tweaking, as some report that it is a little over sensitive. With a little bit of work, that can be fixed.

Microsoft did a good job this year, showing Live Anywhere, which connects Vista games, 360 games, and cellphone games, allowing you to take your profile anywhere and play people over different platforms. Gears of War looks like it will be the next blockbuster title, with other big titles like Fable 2, Forza 2, GTA IV, and most of all Halo 3 annouced or shown for the system. It looks like it will be Gears of War holding 360 owners off during the holidays while the wait builds up of whenever Halo 3 comes out. There were also a whole bunch of add ons shown, such as a racing wheel, wireless usb port for using wireless 360 components for a computer (Being able to use the wireless controller for the PC), the 360 camera, the HD-DVD drive (for movies only for now, connects through USB, seems to be standard HD-DVD computer drive in a 360 themed case), and for the technology nuts (which should be all of you) HDMI cables for crazy High Definition goodness.

It’s going to be a fun holiday season this year.

Sorry for the huge post and sounding a bit like an analyst. That’s what happens when you check at least three different videogame sites for up to the minute news about everything going on at E3 for the last week and a half… basically I have too much time.

Wiiiiiiiii is cheeeeeeeeeeeeap, cheeeeeeeap is good…

Also it will work perfectly with the New Smash Brothers, coming out in November!
can’t wait!

I have a Xbox 360 and i absolutely love it, ill probably buy a Nintendo also.

the only reason why i would get an xbox360 is for oblivion and call of duty. i don’t like halo so i wouldn’t worry about that. haha. i will probably get the new Nintendo system. i like Nintendo, especially because they had the rights to resident evil, and yes i know that re4 came out on ps2, i have it, but i liked the controls for it on the gc. lets just put it this way, xbox360-adults ps3-older teens and wii-the younger crowd. those are the targets for it. the wii will have the games that are more kid oriented, except the re series haha, ps3 will have more of the teen oriented games, and xbox 360 will have the games that the younger kids shouldn’t play or wont like playing. those are my $0.02


I am a really huge sony fan. but sadly they lost me on the PS3 for many reasons; like 1.) Whats with the controlr…how stupid. 2.) the price is insane. i mean 500+ just for the darn body. 3.) …stupid controlr… i think i would have to say the xbox 360 because i mean it IS $200.00 cheaper and a poor person like me needs that deal. plus i liked halo 1. im the pistol kinda guy and i wanna see and play 3 because i have bets i needa win :smiley:
I also love nentendo, so i think i will get that to. what the heck, snake. from kasumi is in a nentendo game… whats is the world comeing to these days?


EDIT/ AND I love/d fable :smiley:

I agree with you that the price is extremely high, but unfortunately there isn’t much they could do with the amount of hardware they put into it. Sony is already taking a really big hit in hopes that game sales will even it out and get them a nice profit. The controller has been redesigned. Sony announced the new one at E3. I totally agree that the original design was terrible, but so did many PlayStation fans and so Sony decided to go back to what everyone knows and loves – a very good decision.

When I get my Wii…I’m gonna go…WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

I think Wii and PS3 will be tied in ability and purchase strength. Wii made a better hit to many people, I think Nintendo has returned.

That looks much better and more comfertable, like the old ones : / Yeah theres alot of hardware in there why? We all know. But im sure I dont.