3617 Needs help from FiM St. Joe teams

Hello all, we have a bit of a dillema on our team. We leave for St Joseph Michigan for our competition there this weekend and our robot’s firing mechanism is inoperable. The bad news is that we don’t have the parts to fix it. What I’m asking of any of the teams that are participating in this competition is if anybody has a spare VexPro Versa planetary gearbox with a CIM output shaft that we may use. We would be able to return it after the competition or send you a replacement in the mail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I think we can try and work something out.

What is the VersaPlanetary Ratio and Motor you are using on your shooter?

Why did you original design not work or why do you need a replacement?

Is it time or money that is preventing you from buying a new planetary?


Team 135 down in south bend has one. I think it’s the cim output shaft and it’s a 7:1 ratio

We are using a full size CIM with a 25:1 reduction on the gearbox, but all we need is the CIM output shaft.
The design is so powerful the way it is that if its not operated with care it destroys itself.
And we have them on order but they wont be here in time for us to fix them.
We might have a solution as another team is offering to overnight what we need to our hotel but if that doesn’t work out any other help would be amazing. Thanks for replying guys. Especially on a three day notice.

Do you know what’s wrong with it? We may be able to rebuild it with spare parts that we have but we don’t have a spare VersaPlanetary Gearbox. If Team 135 “Black Nights” can part with one, I’m just roughly 20 miles from them and I could run down and pick it up tonight/tomorrow.

Team 2959 “Robotarians”

Edit: Sorry I just read that it is the output shaft that you need. We may have that as a spare, I’ll take a look tonight when we get to the shop.


I am a VEXpro distributor (www.therobotspace.com) and anything you (or anyone in Michigan) purchases from us will arrive next day at Ground Rates.

Also because I will be attending the St Joseph Event we actually have Free Shipping to your Pits at St Joe. (https://www.facebook.com/TheRobotSpace/posts/670506986999)

I assume you just need the following item to fix your issue:

Please let me know if you need anything else. But your order does have to be placed today to ensure that I can take it to St. Joe.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Clinton for all your help!! We’ll see you tomorrow! Karen