3620 Average Joes 2023 Robot Reveal: Zeus

The Average Joes are proud to present our 2023 robot Zeus!

Competing at: FIM St. Joseph Event presented by the Whirlpool Corporation, and FIM Lakeview 2

Some robot details:
Scoring: All positions!
Pickup: Floor (standing or tipped cones, and cubes), shelf, and chute. Thank you to FRC 111 Wildstangs for the claw design!
Frame: 25"x25"
Weight: apx. 116 lbs.
Misc: Diagnostic led lights, drive to game piece, odometry with april tag correction, and auto balance program.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


How we doing on center of mass Joes?

Can’t help but think:
Seymour Feed Me GIF - Seymour Feed Me Plant GIFs

Looks like a great bot. Good luck.


One of our mentors suggested naming it Audrey but we decided most people would not get the reference!


Our center of mass is located just under a foot smack in the middle of the robot with the arm vertical. We have a steel plate in the middle to bring it under 12".


Awesome robot. We are pumped to see 3620 at St. Joseph!


This is another good opportunity for some data gathering.

Charge Up definitely favors driving at near break-neck speed, and the higher your cg the more likely you will break your neck, or face plant. Maybe even cause another team to inadvertently draw a card for tipping.

COMETS drove VERY fast and didn’t break their neck at Calvin last week, at least not due to tipping, because their cg is low. How low? And is the figure based on CAD, or testing?

I suspect that Stryke Force, Average Joes, Hemlock’s Gray Matter, and probably several other teams at St. Joe will be near the break-neck point this coming weekend. I’ll be heading down there to inspect robots in a few hours and am eager to find out which teams are pushing the limits.

You huys look great as well. Very similar designs.


Well, this aged well :grinning:. It was so great to play with the Average Joes and Flurb!


Best alliance I can recall. Highly complementary robots, and well coordinated by the drive teams.

I was on the edge of my seat, shouting at the webcast screen, whenever the Joes were teetering – and that happened a lot. The strategy appeared be “win, or fall on our face trying.”

5712 was very smooth by comparison. A steal to be able to pick you guys in the 3 AC spot.

And 5843 was the perfect pick to complete the alliance. Very good floor game, and quick. Those triples on the CS were really fun to watch. Some folks I chat with while watching remotely asked how the Joes were able to get an alliance partner from East China at a FiM event. I had fun explaining, it’s not THAT East China, it’s the one just across the river from Canada!

Edit: adding a picture. This is Alliance 3 at the St. Joseph practice field.


Congratulations on your upset win on Saturday! Zeus was an amazing (and highly entertaining!) robot to watch on the field. Good luck on the rest of your season.
Also, St. Joe high school is a great venue to play in. Thanks for hosting!


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