364 unveiled?

check out our 07 robot


i just uploaded to youtube so it might take a while to process

google video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6886615937639349085

Okay, the video is working now, so check it out and comment :yikes:

Wow! That’s so slick!

Can it score on the other rows?

Also, how does it get tubes in the basket?

We can score on the low and middle rows, but we must configure this before a match. We get the tubes in from the human player.

"The video you have requested is not available.

If you have recently uploaded this video, you may need to wait a few minutes for the video to process." is the message i get.

to be truthful, its the first robot our team ever built with some creative use of zip ties to make the basket dump on the proper level. the real thing will be revealed soon


I’m getting the same error as Alex did

me too it keeps giving me an error! stinking youtube!

it would be cool if delphi could host videos…

try the google video link i edited into the first post

mk thanks i got it. i think we have an amazing robot this year…hmm?

Awesome robot, very creative. Erm. But what was the scoring two ringers thing all about?

it was just for the heck of it, i mean we were excited to have it pretty much done, so we were just playing around. obviously you cant score two ringers in a real match (especially not a red and blue one together)

Nice. No orange this year?

haha… only if someone knew some history about team 364 and their robots, they would have known about this robot and it’s function 6 years ago. =)

I get the feeling I’ve been had…


Gah! Good point Arefin. I thought that bot looked both clunky and strangely familiar.

Looks cool, I’m liking the “slam dunking” of the tubes, very different.

Thats pretty cool!
Does your human player throw them into the basket?

and isnt it illeagle to carry 2 tubes haha

Okay, here’s a link to the real unveiling video.
There is also a YouTube version of this video as well, but it hasn’t been processed yet. Hope you enjoy. All credits go to our great video team!

Might as well give everybody the YouTube version, but as of 12:31 CST, it has not been processed, so please don’t get upset if the YouTube link doesn’t work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf3RNv2vOOo