364 Videography Award

Team Fusion #364 will be hosting a videography award for teams attending Bayou Regional and Lonestar Regional. Information concerning entries will be posted soon on our website, www.teamfusion364.org and teams should also recieve an email soon notifying them of the award. Just a heads up!

Team Fusion #364 Videography Team is sponsoring a video award for the Bayou and Lonestar Regionals.

The theme will be:“What sets your team apart from other FIRST robotics teams?”

Entries are due one week before each Regional is held (March 1 for Bayou Regional, and March 22 for Lonestar Regional). Entries should be posted on your teams website. Then, send a link to [email protected]. If you cannot post the video on your website or your team does not have a website, please contact [email protected] for other ways to enter.

For more information on entry requirements and what the video compositions will be scored on, please visit http://www.teamfusion364.org.