3710 Cyberfalcons 2013 Reveal

The Cyberfalcons from Kingston ON are proud to present our 2013 robot: Discepticon.


Here’s a video: clicky clicky.

(And yes, that climb is indeed a climb. We get between 3/4" and 1" of clearance.)

Drive - 4 wheel powered by 4 CIMs
Shooter - CIM powered 8" AM pneumatic wheel
Loft - AM gearmotor + leadscrew loft w/ potentiometer
Arm - mini-CIM with added gas shocks w/ potentiometer

Whole thing weighs 105lbs.

Lots of thanks to our major sponsor Haakon Industries for their sheet metal expertise and Graves Engineering and Finishing for the super-slick anondizing. This is the first year we’ve tried sheet metal and the whole team had a blast.

Also thanks to Mike and Justin In The Morning for the awesome premiere night.

See y’all at Montreal!