3711 may

Finally got a camera to help us load boulders and site in on the tower.

Nice shooter, what is your plan for shooting this year? Using the camera to shoot from the defenses?

Anyways, it will be good to see you guys at Wilsonville and hopefully PNW Champs again this year!

We just got our camera to work, so we were pleasantly surprised with our robots shot consistency, considering we are tilting the shooter. We are also happy with using the shooter to be the pickup (less stuff).

We just use the camera image to help the drivers target the tower. A piece of tape aligned to the tower window did wonders.

Tonite we hope to see how well we do with the back of robot in the outer works. Not certain of our actions when a defender is around.

See ya at Wilsonville.

How does your camera aided ball acquisition work with a grey ‘boulder’?

Good point. We will try that tonite.

Watch how the balls pop out when the robot goes over the obstacles. You may want to test for this.