#3784's penalty free robot

Wow we’re penalty free after the Kansas City Regional. I wonder how many other teams are too?

zone infractions… zone infractions everywhere.

I’m really surprised you don’t have any penalties, they’re impossible to avoid if you get bumped into the lane.

There’s a few teams that didn’t move at all that went penalty free, but it’s hard to imagine a robot that actually plays going without a single penalty with these rules, so good job!

We were penalty free until we lost coms during a match, and an opponent pushed us into a zone. Hopefully we can remain intentional penalty free throughout Boston!

I think everyone wants to be intentionally penalty free :stuck_out_tongue:

One inch when we turned gave us our only penalty. I really wish they’d change it to less than 6 inch violations are excused unless you are getting a tube.

Being pushed into the zone shouldn’t be counted either.

Agreed, <G61> should not have exceptions like this.

3504 didn’t have any penalties, either. :smiley:

I saw a team get pushed in and then yellow carded which turned into a red card and eliminated the alliance. And it was their upset match too!

2022 is driver penalty free, even though we were playing defense during the majority of Wisconsin.

We have 1 penalty for metal on floor (deployment system fell off), and one for crossing into the lane during autonomous.

1, we were soooooo close, trying to avoid a different yellow card and then bam! We were in the other zone

You did some good driving at Wisconsin :slight_smile:

You should not have been penalized for going into a lane during autonomous unless you could not get out in tele-op in time. In the manual you are to be allowed a 5 second grace period in tele-op to get out if you entered a lane.

CHAOS itself is penalty-free but our minibot caused our penalties. During Traverse City it came off the robot and was spinning into the opponent’s zone not once but twice! Needless to say that’s the only penalties we’ve gotten and -knocks on wood- the only penalties we get.

We were penalty free at Bayou, and went all the way to the quarter-finals. Never even had a penalty from any allaince member in any match we competed in; which I still don’t believe.