#383's Awards winners in Seattle

We gave awards to some teams that had great machines in the Pacific Northwest Regional. The winners are:

**Best Goal Grabber:

Team 64**, The Gila Monsters
Two strong mechanisms to get two goals at the same time and drive around the field with both of them, using their fabulous drive system.

**Best Ball Scorer:

Team 997**, The Corvallis High Robotics
A fast spinning wheel throws the balls really fast inside the BIG net basket. Sometimes it looked like a popcorn machine!

**Do-All Robot:

Team 824**, The S.W.A.T. Robotics
Their base is bigger than 30’‘x36’’, so they start in an angle. They grab goals very well. They score balls in the goals. They have an awesome tether to reach the home zone.

**Best Alliance Partner:

Team 954**, The Latin Major
Their small and fast robot made a brilliant job “messing up” the opponent’s strategy and positioning goals and robot. Together, we set the high score in the regional at the time of that match: 117 points.

nothing for team spirit? :slight_smile:

Hey, Mike!

If we had prepared these awards, your team would win:

Best Team Spirit and Best Donut!
#360 rules!!