384, 395, 343, 122 -- and all of vcu teams

On behalf of 388, there’s a few thanks that we need to send out :smiley:

SPARKY - 384, and Two Train - 395 — THANKYOU!!! words cant express how much we appreciate you guys, who would have ever thought that three teams so different and coming from such different places could ever form such a powerful team – cant wait to see you guys at nationals!!

We arrived back home in Grundy late last night, exhausted yet still so beyond excited and were welcomed warmly by signs throughout our town of community support and greeted at the high school by a group of amazing parents… there’s been a change in our school, a change in spirit, and for some of the skeptics, a change in heart… i can’t explain what you guys have helped us do, not only for our team, but our whole school, and possibly the future of this program in our commmunity… our theme is that we’re moving mountains - and we couldnt have done it without you guys, so, once again…thankyou for everything! Also to 343 and 122, thankyou - you guys are such wonderful friends, and all the other teams at the vcu regional, this weekend was amazing and it was all cause of the people that we shared it with, you guys. cant wait to see you all in houston, and 759 – good luck at your regional!

though i know that probably only one of them will actually see this, ive also got to thank our mentors and the rest of my team, people who give everything they have and more, their time, their facilities, their employees, their support and knowledge, and most importantly their friendship and love - I wish i could show the rest of the world how amazing the people that i get to work with really are…

I had so much to say but I dont know how to get it accross – but to all of you that we were involved with this weekend, thankyou for everything – we’re changing lives, and we truly are moving mountains, in more ways than one…

384, 395, 343, 122, and all the VCU teams, judges, and professionals ------- thankyou!!!

I have to say this Grundy, I was litteraly brought to tears reading this. YOU GUYS ARE WELCOME AND DESERVE THE CHAIRMANS!

tears up thank YOU!!! im gonna go cry now

whoooooooooooooo!!! aw man u guys were great!! I LIKED UR BOT and ur teammates, everthing was great. Chairmans’s award winner’s (should be very proud of urself’s)!! and good luck 388!!! :slight_smile: and 395 wow nice move trying not to let the other robot’s get up the ramp! :cool: :slight_smile:

Grundy truly has greatness in it’s students, let no one tell you otherwise. If someone does, forget what the said and demonstrate what you did at competition. You guys truly diserved chairmans. I’ve always tried to hide my emotion, and not let things get to me, but for truly the first time in 3 years, you made me shed a tear. Some people see FRIST as just a bunch of kids comming together like a football team, but they don’t see how bonds between teems are made, and how the students work together. Grundy you are truly a great group of people, and I respect your team.
Mark Ivey