3863 Pantherbotics 2018 Robot Reveal

After weeks of hard work, this is our 7th robot, named “Robespierre II”.

Robespierre II is running a 2+4 WCD drivetrain, geared for 20ft/s in high gear and 10ft/s in low gear, utilizing autoshifting to maximize acceleration. Our elevator extends up to 90" in height, which allows us to score on the second layer of cubes when the scale is at its max height. Our ramps allow us to effectively gain RP throughout qualification matches, and they can be easily removed within 2 minutes.

Here’s our reveal video.

We’re excited to be playing Power Up at the Los Angeles and Ventura regionals!

Great work this year guys! Cant wait to see this in person at Ventura.

What kind of air tanks are those? If they’re the white Clippard tanks, they’re illegal according to R83K.

Also, painting or putting a sticker on the air tanks is considered modifying them, according to R82. If that’s what the black color is on the top tank, it is not legal anymore.

They’re not. The white airtanks are P/N RC2.5X12-N02 from SMC, so no exploding tanks here!

We had fun putting egregious amounts of tape on our air tanks, but it was ripped off shortly before bag and tag.