388! 388! 388! 388! 388! 388! 388! 395! 395! 395! 395! 395! 395! Whooo

whoooooooooooooo!!! aw man u guys were great!! I LIKED UR BOT and ur teammates, everthing was great. Chairmans’s award winner’s (should be very proud of urself’s)!! and good luck 388!!! :slight_smile: and 395 wow nice move trying not to let the other robot’s get up the ramp! :cool: :slight_smile: :]

i want to say GOOD JOB to every person that atteneded VCU this weekend and EVERY TEAM HAD A GREAT ROBOT!!

I totally agree with you!
VCU was an amazing competition. Team 234 with that arm is just awesome. I was in awe. Good luck to all da teams.