3928 Robot Reveal

We will be revealing details here about our Ultimate Ascent Robot.

Click here to find out details about our super simple bumper system.

We have revealed Kraken 0.0 - CD, Kraken 1.0 Rev 1, Bumpers, and our Butterfly Drivetrain.

Oh man, can’t wait to see this robot! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to venture over to the North Star Regional this year, as I’ll be volunteering at 10K Lakes.

It’s worth seeing. Seven disk auton.

Your team is the reason we are making our autonomous work from the side of the pyramid.

It was great watching you compete at GKC! I love the butterfly drive modules and the vice!

Thanks! That vice was very important for our 10 point climber :slight_smile:
Also thank you very much for letting us borrow a Victor for the second finals match, even though we didn’t get a chance to use it. You guys showed some awesome gracious professionalism!

You are very welcome. You guys beat us in semis so we had to try to help you win the whole thing!

Curious about our chassis? Check it out!

All of our components should be up on our robot page. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line: david@teamneutrino.org.

How did I miss this thread until now? Looks cool. Love your robot.

i think I will be tryout your bumper system this summer.