3929 draft cad - no where near finished

Strangely we do not like any of the concepts we have finished so far. We have till Sunday to get our CAD finished so we still have a lot of work to do.

We have three concepts below

  1. The initial base concept - we want to go over the bumps so we have a raised bumper and open 8 wheel configuration
  2. Concept 2 is a single intake shooter that stays at a constant height
  3. Concept 3 is a duel intake shooter that can dunk on the 2 point baskets

We have started building the full size prototype bot out of wood on top of our kit bot, We will have pictures after Saturday. The next step is to get sheet metal parts ordered from our two sponsors GP Precision http://www.atomicrobotics.com/placemarks/gp-precision-2/ and Tech Manufacturing http://www.atomicrobotics.com/placemarks/tech-manufacturing/. Once that is complete we will get the final bot cad done and get the parts for the competition bot ordered. So much work…


Click here for the rest of the images we have posted http://www.atomicrobotics.com/2012/01/cad-concepts/

Well done. Your team is progressing very well. Hopefully creating the prototypes will make you feel better about your initial designs.

Here is an update to the designs. Still have a lot to do but we think we have settled into a groove. Thanks to the folks




Great work here, I’m looking forward to seeing you here in the MAR district. Have you guys done wooden mock-ups for any of your designs? They really help you out on design based decisions. We’ve gone through 3 iterations of scoring methods thus far and have really answered many questions our team members have had.

Yeah we have done a few mock ups, not as many as we would have liked. our first 3 weeks were as much about getting tools and materials as it was about doing things specific to the robot. Which district matches are you going to?

This has taken way to long. The final CAD is finally done. One lesson for next year, Learn solid works before season and have dedicated CAD team. Relying on one person is a little rough. But we made it through and we should be able to get all of the parts made by mid next week. THANKS TO THE AWESOME FOLKS AT GP PRECISION FOR ALL OF THEIR HELP. YOU ROCK!!! remember we are a rookie team. Big shout out to all of the students who worked on the CAD; Tiffany, and Anthony you have done a great job!


I commented on your facebook picture, but it’s worth repeating here: I LOVE this design. Are you guys going to be at Lenape or Hatboro/Horsham this year?


We will be competing at Chestnut Hill and Mount Olive. Our team will attend Hatboro though to watch.

Also, I realized that the pictures on our website don’t actually zoom in when you click on them. To see the full album of our latest CAD, check out the pictures on our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=pu.133577100046203&type=1