3929's New Website: Feedback Please

This is our new website. We are not completely done (we still want to add a few more pages), but we are at the stage where we need feedback from the community. Please feel free to give constructive criticism or ask questions.


Hi Friends!
The first thing I noticed off the bat was that you guys are using a MASSIVE background image, and it took about a minute for it to load. I suggest you ditch the image and go with some pretty HTML code or a smaller image. Check out our website for some hints.
Another thing I noticed is that the 4 images in the lower right hand side are kinda pixelly. I suggest you save them as a png so they aren’t like that.
You could also get rid of the Meta menu in the bottom footer as well, as only the admin needs to know how to login.
I like the theme, although I think you guys could tweak it a bit more to work for you and look visually pleasing! Email me if you have any questions! Also, look at our website for some ideas for yours. That’s what I did for our site :slight_smile:


Looks great, nice and clean.

Just compress the JPG on your background more for a quick fix. Nobody will notice.

Other than the background image, I think it looks good.

Minor recommendation, slow down the two image rotators in the sidebar. They go a bit too fast. Also, the second one with social media doesn’t pause on hover. Somewhat irritating as an end-user.

Ironic how you are using Wordpress for the site, but Blogspot for the blog. :stuck_out_tongue:

I compressed the background image, so hopefully it is loading faster now.

As I said, this website is new. We made the Blogspot while our website was down so we could continue to post updates and photos, Plus, blogger is much easier to use, meaning that more students can post content.

I don’t think it gets much easier than WordPress when it comes to making simple posts. But the best solution is what works for your team.

Use what works for best for you. I just thought that was slightly funny. :slight_smile: I think Wordpress can be just as easy (if not easier) than Blogger, though. Millions of people use it everyday.

One suggestion, though, if you are going to keep the Blogger blog. Try to make the blog’s theme match your site’s.

Hello 3929!

I really enjoy your website. I enjoy the background image because it adds interest with out distracting from the content. I would suggest making the drop down menus load faster for convenience. Other than that, I don’t see much else to be edited.

I would also consider adding a twitter ticker on the website especially if you guys plan to tweet about how you are doing at competition (but its not a necessity).

Good Luck this year guys! Hope to see you at MAR champs!

That’s a great website! The background image is super cool. I like the countdown timer too, a scary reminder! I would recommend changing “Stop Build Day” to “Bag Day,” it’s a little less awkward.

Overall this is very good. I like the background. It loads a little slow still, but I dont think that is such a killer anymore. You are definitely be happy with your choice to set up a wordpress site starting now. Content Management Systems make life so much easier year-to-year, especially for those years when you dont have any students who really enjoy webdesign and coding.

I would recommend that for your banner images on the homepage however, that you simplify the graphics a bit. Between the background and the also “SUPER INTENSE” backgrounds of thes banners, there is a little bit of a visual conflict. Specifically it may cause some legibility issues. General rule of thumb: just because photoshop can do it, doesnt mean it should be done.

P.S. Keep up the great work though. Those bow ties are cool. I am sure Dean Kamen would approve.