3974 E=mcD: Our final season

As many of you have already heard, this year will be the final season for team 3974 E=mcD. Our school will be closing at the end of this academic year.

It’s been a great 10-year run. The team has won many matches and awards; we have had a lot of fun but most importantly we have inspired hundreds of students to consider careers in science and technology.

Most of these students would not have considered these careers if they had not had the privilege/luck to attend a school with at FRC program. We have seen it first hand, the FIRST program works.

I started to make a list of people and organizations to thank. I was only part way done and it was already over 1,000 words so instead I just will say….

Thanks everyone for everything you have done for our students. We will be forever grateful.


Very sad to hear this. In my time on 423 we always had fun playing with you guys and it was nice having a team right around the corner even if we didn’t take great advantage of it at the time. If any of your current students are transferring to Cheltenham HS and are looking to continue with FRC there, I’m sure they would be welcomed with open arms



This is sad news. 1712 always loved partnering with 3974 (even though it’s been a few years now since we did it last). Our back-to-back alliances with 4373 at Chestnut Hill in 2014 and 2015 were certainly a terrific experience. Even before that, I remember pointing out your 2013 robot as a simple and elegant solution that we should have pursued that year, rather than our complicated mess. You guys and gals had a terrific program worthy of emulation, that seemed to succeed both on and off the field. You even made mecanum wheels look good a couple of times! :wink: It’s a shame that 3974s final season will be taking place in a year with so many challenges and likely without any in person competitions. Hopefully it will yield y’all a well overdue blue banner anyway.


In the recent years 3974 has been spending more time working with Team 423: Simple Machines. 423 has been especially helpful with our design and construction of our robots that uses West Coast drive. We visit 423 shop whenever we need the precision drilling since we only have a drill press in our shop.

Even with pressures of the build season, the mentors at 423 always take the time to explain to our team members whatever it is that they are helping us with. When I visit their shop, I always get the feeling the students at 423 are not just building robots but really learning design and engineering concepts from their mentors.


Sad to hear about this. You guys were the only other rookie in 2012 at our events when I was mentoring 3929. I was extremely impressed by your robots and continued to follow your development. I hope that you will be able to continue participating in some capacity, either in a different program or by joining onto another team. Best of luck!

Thanks for remembering our successful mecanum drive robots. We qualified for the FIRST Championship twice in our history and both times it was with mecanum drive. (Go Figure!!)

For Recycle Rush mecanum was great for lining up the robot to grab the totes in the land fill. (Where we reached the finals at SCH with 1712.) For Steamworks, we slid side to side to place the gears on the pegs and pick up gears from the floor.

The Steamworks robot was an odd story. That robot finished tied for 8th at the district championship (dropping to 11th on the tiebreaker) but was not picked at alliance selection. However, having made to the finals of two district events plus the points earned at the district championship gave us enough points to qualify for St. Louis. Just another reason why I love being in the District system. (We also used mecanum to throw frisbees for Ultimate Assent. That robot also made to a district final).

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Sorry to hear, as you were usually our neighbor in the pits or close by at most of our district events.

Much love from the folks at 4575 and 6327.

I’m so sorry to hear this news. Is there any other way to keep the team going?

Have you considered continuing the team through 4H? My team (FRC 1501 T.H.R.U.S.T.) are 4H and we have several schools and home school represented.

Thanks for asking about keeping the team going. We are lucky here in the Philly area that there are many schools with teams. Most of our team members will be enrolling in schools next year that have teams, so the FRC experience will continue for them. In fact, having a team gave schools an edge in recruiting our students.


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