399's scissor lift pics.

Dun dun dun…

I know pictures of it upright would make everyone more happy, but when we were running it as such I didn’t think to take pictures…

It works consistently, with weight… these pictures are from a few days ago, and today we mounted a larger actuator (it’s going to have 2, 2 inch bore actuators on it) and connected the two sides of this together (one actuator per side). next step they will be on the robot.

I’m waiting for the problems. :wink:

Way to go. We’ll stop by and check it out. I hope you get it to work.:slight_smile:

I hope that you use two scissor lifts, or else it will suck.

That appeared to be their plan in another thread.

Looks nice. How is the piston/lift attatched to the chassis?

It looks like it could be flimsy, I hope you guys will brace it somehow

Remember that your scissor lift just created a BUNCH of pinch points. I hope you guys are constructing some type of shield to cover them, otherwise you might not make it past inspection. I know this rule gave teams a hard time last year with the scissor lift idea:

Looks great, but just one question: Any reason you chose to use six diamonds on your scissors?

Zach: We definitely will have two, one on the left, and one on the right of the robot.

To attach to the chassis, it’s kind of hard to see, but there are rollers on one of the legs, which will be encased and that casing is mounted to the chassis. The other leg will be fixed, and it will be like this on both sides… it’s kind of hard to explain. That actuator will also have a little something to keep it stable, but it’s only hard mounted to the lift.

As for it being flimsy… you’ll see. =)

Justin: Thanks, we plan to have a cover of some sort. also there are hard mounts so it doesn’t collapse all the way, but I know they will still be treated as pinch points, and will be taken care of accordingly.

Finally, the six diamonds are because that’s what gave us the required movement to use an actuator where we wanted. We had to choose between 24 inches and 12, with 24, 4 diamonds would have worked, but they extended very thin and we were worried about stability. 5 gave us a distance of 18 inches… and in the end 6 worked well, so it’s what we used. Heh.


Hey …umm yeah we did this idea last year and it backfired on us… and yeah since the trackball weighs 10 pounds you are going to need to counteract the weight with another force.

How did it backfire? did you mount the actuators the same way? =/ What problems did you run into?

And I don’t quite follow what you mean by counteract the weight, we’re lifting straight up over the robot, and those actuators have more than enough force to lift what we’re planning to.

I think that you may have problems getting the trackball up onto the platform. Pulling 10lb straight up is one thing. Pulling it at an angle as severe as you have it is another.

… I’m not quite following! =/ We plan to lift the ball straight up, not at any angle, and then it will roll off the front of a cradle that it will sit in…

I mean the part where you lift the ball off the ground onto your platform.

Or is it just going to sit in that front cradle the whole time and never go on the scissor platform?

Ohh, I see what you’re saying. Our arms can lift the ball, we’ve done testing, to get it onto the platform. We are using a 6 inch diameter gear for leverage, and mounting two actuators (one on the left, one on the right) to pull chain mounted onto the gears 120 degrees around. It’s rather clever…

I’ll have more pictures up when it gets closer to being done. =)

ok sounds like a plan!

Actually it weighs about 7.3 lbs. per Team Update #4.

How are you thinking about dealing with the pinch points? We are doing something very similar, and I have already tried to remove my fingers once with it.