3balls+3 hot goals+move 65pt Autonomous

this is still untweaked and will be improved further. The hot goal detection is done via human player with kinect. The human player has 1/2 second to raise his hand above his head after auto start to indicate the hot goal.

This is pretty awesome.

At the beginning of the video I was thinking "Oh okay , I haven’t seen this 3 ball setup before , let me see what they do with this … " then 10 seconds in , my mind was blown . It’s so unorthodox, but really impressive .

ye we know it’s a strange system but hey it works :smiley:

Is it easy for you guys to pick up balls while in motion ?

relatively. it’s not difficult if u can get the rolleers ontop of the ball. there are some practice vids on that youtube channel so take a look and you can see yourself

Well, I hate to be a Debbie Downer about this, which is quite ingenious and awesome, but the rules do state:

“The match begins with one 10-second Autonomous Period in which robots operate independently of driver.”

While one might argue that the human player is free to do something to control, The argument can be made that the rules leave the term (in this sentence) driver ambiguous with their wording, as to mean void of any from of human intervention.

actually when the kinect was provided it was intended to be used during autonomous mode and also the rules simply state any control devices that are worn or held by the driver must be disconnected form the driver station. on top of that i asked about this specific situations and got this reply:
Q.Are we allowed to use the kinect as part of our driver station during autonomous mode this year?
A.There are no rules prohibiting this.”

so from all the information and rules i gathered this control method appears to be perfectly acceptable and legal

Super excited to compete at St. Louis with you guys!! And way to prove those who said a 3 ball with hot goal detection autonomous was impossible!!

So far your one of a few teams i’ve seen that does this :smiley:

well it makes a difference when you design the robot from the ground up to do this task =p our primary design goal was to get every point possible during autonomous which we have achieved. Not counting the potential other 10 points from the other robots moving but that’s not within our control. Then we just gotta do a few ball runs with truss shots, 2+ assists, and 10pt goal and we should make it into the finals relatively easily. that is until some bafoon decides to get technical foul and make use lose x.x

OP, the programming gods have smiled upon thee.


psh… i laugh in their faces! i do what i want how i want i need no god to smile upon me. I am a master of 1’s and 0’s those god’s have no power in my domain! =p

Okay i totally overlooked that the poofs wait until the 5 second mark to start shooting, so your 1 of 2 robots that i have seen with a 3 ball hot auto + mobility!

The fact that your auto is competitive with 254’s is bragging rights in my book :slight_smile:

I really like how your hammer also acts as a ball settling device. This is a really neat design.

They already have, watch the auto clock. They don’t start shooting until after 5 seconds.

They drive forward towards non hot goal
Wait for goal to become hot
Shoot all three balls into the hot goal in under 5 seconds

Team 16 Baxter Bomb Squad has 3 ball hot goal detection.

Gawking at all their other amazing things #swerve i overlooked that it was all 3 in the hot goal.

i saw 3 ball with human assist =p i’m sure they can move backward to grab a third ball but from that video it’s not good enough! =p lol

Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to see this beast at STL. The arm look a little flimsy though, what happens if they get hit in this really defensive game?

it breaks off and we use other side. the other side breaks off then we just catch from human. Then we replace it within 30s for next match and resume =p