3CIM Non-shifting Gearbox

It doesn’t seem that anyone has an in stock 3-Cim non-shifting gearbox that could be used for drivetrain on a 6wd robot. I’ve checked andymark, vex, and WCP and I’ve been watching them for quite some time. There is nothing in stock nor has there been. (Plus I’ve done the email when in stock) Am I missing something here?

So, does anyone have a suggestion on where to find a COTS 3 Cim non-shifting gearbox?

Used this a couple years ago. Heavy but works.

While this is out of stock:

It will be back soon, and I can tell you they work great.

Currently in stock:

Or you can just place three of these in a row to give you 3 cims:

Hi there,

It seems most of the FRC market is out of hex bearings which is at least preventing us from selling most of our drive gearboxes.

When these bearings come back in stock, our EVO Slim gearboxes can accept up to 3 CIM motors.


I think these are all the same link?

Are 1/2" Hex Bearings unique to FRC applications?
I tried searching for them everywhere but have been completely unable to find anything even close.

FIRST uses them more than anywhere that I know of. You can find all the locations that we know that sell them here: http://findrobotparts.com/bearings/categories/95/tags/1247

Here are all the 3-CIM Non-shifting gearboxes that we know of: http://findrobotparts.com/gearboxes/categories/3,4,5/tags/10,16,9

I did look through there, unfortunately the only site that lists them as “in-stock” doesn’t ship to the US.

Incidentally, the Andymark link on that page redirect specifically to the 3/8" hex bearing page, unlike the others which list a category.

A bit pricey, but it looks like Bocahas them.

Also, a recenthex bore thread.