3D CAD models for mechanical components

I am trying to find some compehensive free libraries for 3D SolidWorks models on the internet. Does anyone know some of the better ones that have a significant number of these?

In particular, I need 3D SolidWorks model for ANSI #25 roller chain that I can use for a conveyor application. Please suggest a possible source.


My best source for 3D models is either:

www.cadregister.com (Free registration required)

Two notes, though. Some of the drawings on cadregister are 2D only, which isn’t terribly useful. SDP-SI doesn’t have native Solidworks drawings, just IGES for Solidworks, but it’s still pretty good. To get the SDP drawings, just go to the catalog, and look up the item exactly like you would if you were buying it. when you have the table of items with specs and part number up, click on the part number you want. At the bootom of the window that pops up, you should find a link for CAD drawings.

Thanks for the information. Another question - how can I open/convert SolidWorks 2003/2004 models in SolidWorks 2001? If it’s not possible to directly open models created in future versions, can I convert them to 2001 version or something like that?

Also, I tried looking up a solid model of ANSI #25 roller chain on the 2 sources you mentioned but didn’t find it. Any suggestions?

Diamond Chain has a pretty good site with pdf files of chain dimensions and .dxf files of CAD models. If you can’t find the actual CAD data, you can get the details from this site to build your own CAD model.

Andy B.

I’ll go out on a limb and assume that the files should open normally, provided you haven’t used a feature that’s new to 2004 and unavailable in 2001. If that doesn’t work, you can save it as IGES or some other format and then import it back into 2001.

As for finding that cad model… My last suggestion is:
Registration is again required. And more importantly, if you actually clink on a link to a product that you’ve found, then you’re going to be getting a catalog in the mail from the company. It can still be useful, though. This one will be a much longer shot than the other two, though, but good luck.