3d game -play as 694's robot Joshua

One of our programmer mentors made this up over the six weeks when he wasn’t do anything.

http://staff.funnygarbage.com/colin/basketball.html its absolutely absurd try it out

This is very impressive! http://www.arkorobotics.com/images/opp.png

I went a little off sides… :smiley:

LOL. Press the number 9 and then go at the ramp full speed. Thats one funny way to commit suicide. The other is to just spin at full speed until you hit something. Then you go flying. Hopefully hell continue to work on it, so I’ll send out a more complete version later.

wow! can i send you a model of our robot and you could put it in this game?

That was another thing we were interested in doing. Getting models of different robots and then making it so you can choose which robots you want to play with and play against.

Just send me a PM

I love the game! pretty detailed on the bot and nice AI for the small bots.

This is kind of an old thread, but i just found it for the first time. This look like a lot of work was put into it. The only thing is, is that it is kind of hard to control, and the view selections or kind of weird (maybe a new view could be from above?) But excellent job to the maker!


haha I tipped the robot over and the superstructure fell through the floor and it was hanging upside down by it’s chassis.

This is pretty sweet. Props for making a 3d game. i can only imagine how hard it is.

A bunch of programmers should hook up and make a game where teams can download CAD programs to control the game, we could even start 3 on 3 matches. If enough join there could be a tournament