3D MAX install on a MAC

Does anyone know if this years 3D MAX download from firstbase.autodesk.com provided install on a MAC? Or are they only allowing downloads for Windows versions?

I heard a rumor that they had a MAC version, but I certainly can’t find it listed here that they do.


There is no mac version of 3ds. This has been rumored with each version. I googled it and came up with articles, some going back to 2001 about a mac version.


Any guesses what will happen with the animation rules this year now that Discreet (3dsmax) purchased Maya last spring? It was rather interesting that the rules last year prohibited teams from using Maya which has a Mac version…

what about mac users! Will anyone think of the poor mac users!

I think there is a way to have it run on a mac, can you load windows or something like windows on a mac?

I really don’t understand why 3ds max doesn’t run on Mac, Wouldn’t it be best in the developers interest to branch out to a larger audience?

According to the discussion here 3ds Max works on the newer macs running Boot Camp. I haven’t had a chance to try this but it sounds like it works fairly well.