3D Printable 1/20th scale model of POWER UP Field available from AutomationDirect.com

AutomationDirect’s animation team converted the animation models into 3D printable models for you to play with. This is the “playing field” for the FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC) game for 2018.

Vist this page for the download and assembly instructions:

Disclaimer: These models are NOT intended to be accurate representations of the actual field - please do not use them for ANY game, rule or ‘build’ decisions. These models have been highly modified from the actual field drawings to make them easy to 3D print and assemble and to give the general appearance of the actual POWER UP field. To paraphrase from the Latin - Caveat Printor! - Let the printer beware!

All parts should fit together, but that depends heavily on your printer accuracy. Hopefully, they are close enough that you can file things down a little if needed. The examples we show on our site were all printed on an inexpensive, low-end RepRap 3D Printer - so any printer you have should be able to print at least as well.

NOTE: We are NOT CAD experts, so if you see ways to improve these PLEASE do so and send us a copy. Let’s make this a community project!


Please let us know what you think and if you can show us a better way to do any of this!

You can reach us by e-mail:

Or on Chief Delphi:
Rick Folea: user: rfolea
Chip McDaniel user: only1chip


Really looking forward to building this. I have 5 printers running as I type this. Is there any way we can get models of the little robots shown in the photos too?

+1 for tiny robots!

Absolutely loving this! The one change I would make (lets see if I can rummage up some spare time), is to make the platforms at the base of the scale separate pieces, so they can be red and blue. Make interlocking tabs to connect them on the bottom.

I want a mini dozer!!!

I noticed there isn’t a separate part for the scale, so I made a modification to the switch to be the proper size for the scale and added backboards to the switch and scale parts. Additionally, the powercube was 13x13x12 when scaled 20x, so I shrunk the Z to the proper size.

Working on that next!

Edit: It’s here. No tabs because I don’t want to make two versions for different printer tolerances, but they still index against eachother. If you don’t already have CA glue, you should probably have some.

Updated3DField.zip (334 KB)
ScaleTower_3Color.zip (304 KB)

Great ideas, all!

(@sanddrag) We’ll have an answer about the 1/20th bots by tomorrow - Rick has the models, and he’s been out of pocket for a few days.

Love the idea about separating the Scale Base into two prints (@cad321) - for coloring.

And thanks for the correction on the powercube, and the other parts (@troy_dietz) - we will update our download files as soon as we can. (we may need to implement some sort of crude version control - at least increment the filenames, and document it).

Really glad the community is embracing this concept! Kepp the ideas coming!


Hi Troy,

May we add your models to the download page with the other models?

These look great! Would be fun to use for tournament strategy.

What are the final inside dimensions of the field? I’d love to draw up and print the field with zone markings to lay underneath these models.

Edit: Think with your head Jarren, 1/20th, you can do the math!

What is the total footprint of this assembled? I’m wondering if I might be able to just print most of it as a single piece on my printer and use it for a match strategy board.

This is epic. Thank you Automation Direct!

Looks like interior would be about 16" x 32.5" - based on the field perimeter. I think you are correct that a paper-printable, scale-version of the carpet markings would be a great addition. Could probably be printed on 3 ‘ledger’ size sheets on a big laser printer. Or titled-out onto more pages for smaller printers.


Creating a 20:1 layout map that can be printed on a large plotter is on our To Do list … if you do it please send us a copy and we’ll post it on the download site.

OR … you can simply take one of the strategy maps folks have created and scale those up … https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=161097&highlight=strategy+map

Tiny Robots are coming - We held them back on purpose - you will see why we waited shortly … <grin>

So on my maker select v2 (7.9" x 7.9" x 7.1"), I can print everything except for the scale. I’m short. I’ll have to see if someone at my makerspace can print larger. Sadly, a lot of them have been buying the Maker Select since it’s only $300.

Starting to print all that I can.

Thanks again Automation Direct and Troy!

Can’t wait for bots. This will be great when talking with sponsors too.


I have a Maker select as well, but we have donated Printrbot Pluses (10"^3), so I forgot when I was modeling it.

Here’s one that’s split up to fit and glue together easily. I would have hidden the seams using a pyramid shaped cutout on the bottom of the beam and a corresponding pyramid shape on the plate, but those are insanely annoying to create.

SplitScale.zip (227 KB)

I can’t fit the scale in the horizontal orientation on a uPrint SE+ (8"x8"). Even at a 45 degree angle, the corners of the platform stick out just a wee bit. I would have to orient it on an angle in space, in a non-horizontal fashion, and use a lot of support. I think I can fit them on the Makerbot Replicator 2. That will be tomorrow’s prints. I’m about half done printing the parts for two fields.

For anyone just getting started on this project, it’s a LOT of print time. It will take a week of your attention.

FYI: All the parts shown in the instructions were printed in a $150 Anet A8 rep-rap printer which is 220x220x240 cm (8.6x8.6x9.4 inches).