3d printable 4inch mecannum wheels

Where can I find files for 3D printing 4 inch diameter mecannum wheels. The need to have Capabilities to attach a hex hub for being driven.

I’ve never seen printable 4" ones. I’m sure if you start with some of the CAD files for 2" ones floating around here, you could scale them up and design some 4" ones yourself!


We have already narrowed it down to that. I figured I’d as the people here first because it would be nice to have files for them. Instead of trying to modify some already existing plans for 2 inch or 6 inch ones

If you’d like, I can scale up the 125 Neutrons 2" V.I.W. mod that I made for a 4" version, but it probably wouldn’t be ideal for that application (the number and size of the rollers) and would need different pins.

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We want to use them on our intake. If that helps at all.

We are looking to use a 4 inch version on our intake as well. If you are able to provide the files that would be greatly appreciated.

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