3D printable cable combs

I recently got a new 3D printer, and finding myself drunk with my newfound power, I decided to pursue a project on that has been on my list for a while. That project being 3d printable cable clips/combs.

Firstly the problem that these aim to solve (fine, not really a problem, more of an inconvenience). When running the bonded 12 AWG wire, used for motors/motor controllers, it is generally good practice to run as many of these wires in one singular run. Secondly this run should be managed in a way so that it is attractive, compact, and so that each wire is visible and easy to trace. However it can often be a difficult and time consuming to manage the cables in this way. These cable clips are intended to make that job easier and quicker. These are NOT intended as a replacement for cable management stickies.

Example of decent cable management:

I designed two different types of combs, one that simply clips onto the wire, and one that allows a zip tie to be used to secure the wires to the comb. The former of these is extremely simple to print, but does not hold the wires as well as the latter. However this can be mitigated to an extent by alternating the placement of these clips on the top and bottom of the cable run (pictured below). On the other hand the ziptie clips are a bit more complicated to print (slight overhang) and obviously requires a zip tie.

It seems to me that you are able to produce these in the off season under R-14d, but admittedly there is some stretching of the rule to allow this. Nevertheless, considering how little impact these have and how quick they are to produce, I doubt anyone will give you any trouble for them.

So, let me know what you think! I’m always looking for feedback and ideas to improve.
CAD files:
wire clips.zip (557.3 KB)


3D printers are fun. I have had a printer for 6 years now, and still sometimes feel “Drunk with power”.

These look pretty nice. May have to print a few to play with.

If you haven’t already, it may be nice for the 3D printing community if you posted this design to one of the model sharing sites, so other people outside of Chief Delphi have access to this design. Thingiverse.com and PrusaPrinters.org are two popular ones (but there are several others). I personally prefer Prusa Printers.


I like the ideas. If you want to see some stuff we 3d printed you can find it on grabcad here
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