3D printable electrical cable raceway (WIP)

So, as talked about in my last thread on 3D printed DIN rail mounts for FRC control system parts, people really like the idea of using this kind of wire organization raceway when dealing with DIN rail, both in FRC and in modern industry.

In my own practice, I agree, this raceway is very nice to work with. I worked with it in my electrical enclousre during this last semester when I had a lab dealing with industrial high voltage motor controls. I have no idea how I would have kept my cabinets looking neat and tidy without it.

However, in an application like FRC where a team is almost constantly iterating designs, preforming maitnence, or getting inspected, there is a very big design flaw with this type of railing. This type of railing is meant to be capped off top piece of railing like shown below.

Now for smaller runs, no more than 6ish inches in length, this railing usually isn’t much of a deal to take on and off. But for longer runs, especially with more wires, it can be a hassle to take on and off for the purposes stated above. Espcially inspections above all else. There was a discussion in my last post about having a rail that was basically this, but with hook and loop straps that were easy to open and left the raceway more open to view the wireruns. After some time in CAD and some various iterations on a 3D printer, I came up with this. It’s far from a final product, but I think it’s far enough along in it’s development to share.

Currently its design in three pieces, a bottom plate and two side walls, secured together with zipties. The “tooth” form is basically coppied off the small piece of standard raceway I have, but I know there are different sized raceways on the market. The idea is that you can mount the rail with either double sided mounting tape, or with a 10 bolt. A section of teeth are knocked out on each side to facilitate a hook and loop strap.

Now, I knew basically around the time I started this project that this was not a good usecase of a 3D printer. Even more obvious is the fact that you could just cut away teeth from the regular stock raceway to create the same thing. However I believe that there is some room for improvment and evolution of this kind of raceway to where this may be worth giving at least a second look at. I made the CAD in OnShape so that it would be easy for others to view and create their own branch of. I plan on creating some different lengths of this railing as well. Onshape

In the long run, I have some different ideas to integrate into this design, and accessories that would work with regular stock rail.


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