3D Printed FIRST Keychain


This may seem somewhat off topic, but does anyone in the robotics community have a three or four color 3D printer? I have a sweet idea for a FIRST keychain that you could attach to a backpack and such, but want each of the shapes to be their respective colors. Please see attached photo for my general idea.

Additionally, to get it to print all together, maybe someone could assist me in positioning the parts in the Inventor assembly to print with the least support and also so they can be easily broken away from the supports to be free floating…

Thanks all!

Having designed a similar thing for earrings previously, it is most likely just going to be easiest to have a slight gap/cut in the circle and to just use that to attach the triangle and square elements.

Depending on how flexible your filament is you can probably just do a tiny cut afterwards and then just bend open. A small cut won’t be visible and it won’t fall apart.

BTW, you need to use “direct link” in order to correctly embed the picture

Thanks for the feedback and help! Will look into possibly getting some of these for champs in St. Louis if anyone’s a taker.

Something you could do, if nobody has a multicolor printer , is print it with all white plastic and then paint the shapes with acrylic paint.

Another way to do this is to print the white ring one first. Then, in the middle of printing the triangle upright, pause the print and stick the ring inside the triangle, then continue the print. Do the same with the square. This takes some effort watching the printer, but the end result is great.

I 3D printed something like this last year, with the shapes interlocking. It actually came out really nicely. I think the shapes were ~1" across.

I have a couple of 3D Printers that can print in full color :slight_smile:

Shoot me an email and I’d be happy to work with you - Evan.Hochstein (at) Stratasys.com