3D Printed mount for Spark Max / Neo

Here’s a last minute design that some people might find useful. This is a printed part to mount your Spark Max controllers to your Neo motors. As the picture shows, you zip tie the wires and Spark Max controller in place. The printed part weighs around 45 grams. One of our mentors designed this to reduce the wiring sprawl.



Cool. Here’s a dual SparkMax mount I did for anyone looking for something a little different.

SparkMax_Dual_Mount.zip (68.3 KB)

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What does this do to the heat dissipation?


It reduces heat dissipation. By how much? Well, there’s a layer of air between the casing and the motor’s internals on every side except the side with the shaft sticking out, so that side dissipates the most heat. I believe the effect of adding plastic on top of the air layer is small. If effects on this level stressed me out sufficiently, I would spend some of our funds on a set of Falcon motors.

One could make a cutout to reduce this effect. That doesn’t have any appreciable downside, so we’ll go with that. Thanks for the comment that led to a design improvement.


I think you’ll find that most of the heat goes through the faceplate of the motor. I remember talking to someone about it at MSC in 2019 after they melted a plastic mount even though the motor can was only barely warm. So as long as the face plate is in contact with aluminum or steel, plastic being wrapped around the motor should be fine.

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Thank you so much for posting this! One of my team’s goals for this year is to clean up the wiring, and this is already helping so much. We’ve tested them somewhat rigorously, as we basically just put them on the drive motors on an empty drive base and drove it hard for about 30 minutes. Nothing came loose/cracked/melted. We were especially happy that nothing cracked as we were going near top speed for most of the time (4” wheels with 5.95:1 toughbox mini is a hair under 17 ft/sec). We printed them two at a time on our Original Prusa.

Thanks again!

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