3D Printed Name Plate

Hello CD Community, I need some help Editing a .STEP file so i can sketch on the Name plate’s plane for my Mouse. But there is no Plane for it, I tried sketching Text and Extrude cutting it on the Front Plane but it didn’t work.

Here’s a Link to the CAD Files: Steel Serieshttp://cdn-co.steelseries.com/wp-content/themes/steelseries/assets/steelseries_rival_nameplate_3d_files.zip

Which CAD program are you using?

What about this approach didn’t work?

Could you try using Tinkercad? It might just work for you.

Tell us what you did once you have figured it out.

It really is important that you let us know what Modeling program you are using. You are correct that there will be errors, the name plate plane is not a regular curved surface (lack of better term). I got this done in a couple of minutes using the emboss tool - Inventor 2013.

I’m using Solidworks. And I’ll give it a go with the emboss tool

Ill try it out.

The surface is curved and my text would come out unbalanced

Solidworks is not the program that I’m the most familiar with but with a quick search I found many tutorials in youtube - the best was this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTqbFgEppKY

Thank you for the helpful links I really got it down now. I appreciate it.

So I figured it out,

First, I made a Sketch on the front plane and Sketched My text.
Next, I Cut Extruded the Text and Cut Extruded From a Surface/Face/Plane and selected the curved surface of the Piece.

Then, I cut extruded by 1/16" and I was done.

Thank you all for your help. I greatly appreciate it