3d printed part to prevent limelight annoyance

Today noticed quite a lot of discussion about limelights being ruled illegal in this thread , so I attempted to design a simple 3d printed part that can be adhered to limelights to limit the spread of light.

The area limelights illuminate is approximately double the size of their FOV, so removing some of the light doesn’t affect targeting.



Here’s the file:(change txt to SLDPRT), I hope this helps teams who plan to keep the limelight on.
light pollution preventor.txt (164.7 KB)


This is a really cool design can’t wait to print one out tomorrow. How did you secure it to the lime light?


Very clever. This should help greatly with the problem of light spill from the Limelight.

Currently it is glued on, with the protruding camera acting as a boss that pilots the part. It could be designed to use the limelight mounting holes, but when I designed it our limelight was already mounted and we were too lazy to unmount it.


Wow, this is awesome. Thank you for putting a solution together so quickly for other teams. I don’t think we are planning on using a Limelight this year, but if we do for whatever reason, we’ll use this! Thanks!!!

Wow Tql Tql, Alan NB!

Well done :slight_smile:

Neat idea!

Just curious…in the “before” and “after” photos, where is the driver station, where the eyeballs we want to protect are located? And where is the goal that needs to be illuminated?

I wonder if having “shelves” under the LEDs might be more effective? to keep light above the drivers’ heads, but below the goal.

Are there before & after photos available of the impact while looking at the Limelight from a height of 6ft at about 10 ft of distance?

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Oops I forgot to mention that the vision target is at the top of the limelight’s Field of View. The pictures show how the LEDs now only illuminate neccessary areas. After adding this part, as long as the limelight is angled upwards such that eyeballs are out of the limelight’s vertical field of view, while the target still is, then eyeballs would be protected effectively without hindering targeting:wink:

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Sorry I don’t have those photos yet. However, I think it should be possible to determine the effect through CAD sketches. The design doesn’t dim the limelight at all, it only focuses the light to an angle of a bit more than 50 degrees. As long as nobody’s eyes are within those 50 degrees, the limelight would be effectively off even if it is actually on.

If someone could post the part as a .step or .stl or anything similar that would be greatly
appreciated. I can’t get fusion 360 to open .txt.

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Same here

from OP’s post

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Please include a step by step on how to do this.

@SergeantSpork5853 @Pauls_game
It’s literally just changing the filename. You’ll want to make sure that the “show file name extension” box under the view tab in file explorer is ticked, and it’ll let you change the file extension while renaming the file normally. This is so that CD accepts the media upload. An additional thingiverse link might have made more sense.


Thanks! I had no clue you could do that.

@Alan Thanks for creating this. In case anyone needs it who does not have Solidworks, here is an .STL version. I do not really know what I am doing with the conversion, so I just hit go and uploaded to Shapeways. I will let you know how it works when we get it on Friday (during this end of the season we spend way too much to rush things. Amazon Prime has us spoiled). The dimensions seemed spot on.

~Mr. R^2

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Thank you. I was having trouble with the .sldprt file.

Hi everyone,
I’d love to have this 3d printed, but I can’t seem to open it in Inventor, despite the instructions given here. I also tried the .STL version offered up.
I am by no means proficient with CAD software, so any help would be appreciated. I’m sure there are others in my situation.