3D Printed - Rev MAXSwerve Calibration Tool

I created a MAXSwerve Calibration Tool that should support TTB Wheels. I also believe I have added all the necessary features to allow calibration with the SparkMax brackets.


I would love feedback if someone would like to test it! My team currently doesn’t have any MAXSwerve but is planning to purchase it when it comes back in stock. It currently doesnt have any tolerance around the forks of, which I believe could be a problem.


Are you locating off both the plate and the screw heads? Or those have clearance?

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The intention is to just calibrate off the plate but I should add more clearance for the bolts

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Ok good. Screws always have a lot more slop.

Update: Removed corner of the bracket no longer in contact with UltraPlanetary mount and added slots for missing SparkMax bracket holes, Also expanded wheel slot for easier installation


TTB Wheel is shown in black and the REV wheel is shown in grey:

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