3d printed talon mounts

Hello all,
I have made a talon stand that can be printed on almost any 3d printer. I have found that this model works best with abs plastic, but pla plastic should work as well. If you would like to try out this model for yourself, you can click the thingiverse link below:

Please leave a comment telling me how this works for your team.

Good luck in the competition!!

-Team 4293

They look cool! Good job!

Why not make it double sided for the ability to mount 4 at once? I don’t think it would be too difficult to make the design such that it can be structurally sound but also accommodate talons on each side.

The diagonal of the screw holes makes it so they can not be mirrored in this way, although if one talon is turned 90 degrees the holes are separated far enough for them to be mounted front and back.

You could if you bought a heat set threaded insert to allow mounting without the needed of a nut.

Make it a little thicker and include recessed hex holes for the nuts - stick a nut in there and bolt away from both sides, the recess holds the nut from turning.