3D Printed Versa Blocks

I believe his comments were actually positive. I don’t think he’s trying to attack you based on your views, just suggest that a point you’ve made came off the wrong way entirely. Being a high school kid that forfeited four years of social maturing to study engineering, I know that this is like, and I’ve found that the best way is to say sorry and be constructive. The last thing all of us on CD want to do is get into a massive flame war about something trivial.


i don’t think saying “Lol :joy:” in multiple comments comes off positive more than it comes off as mildly confrontational – it comes off more like “are you seeing this guy? really?”

i don’t know if that’s your actual intent, but that’s how the filter of text-based communications in 2021 would make things out to be.


While I kind of agree with some of the things you are saying, saying that individuals need to take responsibility for how they choose to interpret things is a dangerous thing to say. I’m responsible for the things I say because I am the one that said them. That also means that I’m responsible for the interpretations of the things I say, whether they be negative or positive. I am going to try and use language in a way that makes me look like a good person, not a bad one, and if it does make me look bad I’m going to acknowledge it and try and learn from it instead of defending myself constantly.

As far as positive sides go, people that know me know that I assume everyone has the best intentions to a flaw, and that goes for my believe of your statements as well. I just think that in 2021 we ought to be careful about how we communicate through text because of how poorly things like sarcasm and tone of voice transmit.


i’m taking an objective viewpoint of your actual impact of your words, which point to you coming off as being consistently mildly condescending towards everyone in this thread.


Those that know me see the opposite. Like I said earlier, sad when others choose not to.

Truth, he asks me for input all the time.

Like packets on a field at CMP.


I suppose that leads to “do you actually care about anything you say being understood, or does that not matter?”

It’s one thing to say you have a “positive lens”, but it’s quite another to demonstrate the empathy to realize how other people can possibly misinterpret your words, and then humor them and adjust your messaging to help others see through your lens as well.

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TLDR – Consistent confrontation, victim blaming, and refusal to take responsibility for the interpretations of your messages imply a lack of good communication skills on your part.

Assumes a conflict when there was none, blames @Lil_Lavery for instigating said imaginary conflict.

Again, (poorly) attempts to deescalate the perceived conflict. Doesn’t respond to any of @EricH’s points and doesn’t add anything to the conversation.

There are already good posts describing why this is bad, but to summarize you once again come off as confrontational. You again come off as victim blaming, and appear way too emotionally invested in telling everyone to stop asking for any sort of performance data.

Again, you just attack Andrew for sharing his experience with the topic. You subsequently agree with his point that loading cases are different for intake and drivetrain, which is why you may have had success while he didn’t, but still do so in a way that comes off as entitled and victim blaming.

Again, insinuating that those who ask for performance data are bad in some way for not wanting to repeat testing. You also reply to @EricH’s excellent reply to this with “Ok :ok_hand:”, which comes off as callously dismissing his reply, which marks this as the second time you have dismissed all of Eric’s points without even bothering to give a response.

“It’s sad when individuals default to thinking people are getting attacked,” and yet your second post in this thread started with “Chill bud.” Yet again, you also blame other people for the way your posts are interpreted. If everyone has misinterpreted every single one of your posts in this thread, the problem isn’t all of us - it’s you.

We don’t know you, so you can’t assume that we will interpret your confrontational messages how you want us to. You especially can’t blame us for interpreting your messages without context.

You may think this comes off as a good way to end the discussion - I view it as the opposite. @guineawheek brought up, multiple times, the problems with both how your attitude comes off over text and your response to that issue. You dismissed him without responding to any of his points.

While it may be valid to say that some of your posts were misinterpreted to have more of a negative view than you intended, your consistent confrontational attitude and refusal to acknowledge the points of those who responded to you demonstrate a lack of good communication skills on your part. Your later insistence that you were not at all to blame for the way that others interpreted your posts only reinforces this idea.


the core problem is honestly that CD’s structure is extremely easy to derail, and that all posters require a certain level of discipline to actually keep a thread on track. Unfortunately, since it’s hard for these side convos to get spun off elsewhere, more often than not a thread will derail simply because for various reasons (good or bad), people will want to engage tangential points in a thread.

Maybe a solution would be to have something like Slack threads, for better or worse.

There is an active FRC community on a platform with threaded comment sections… Too bad it’s not being used productively at the moment.


At least the last 20 posts in this thread have not been about printed versablocks, his post is not the problem here.

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Thanks for that bit mate :blush:

You bring a good point. I’m officially done with this. For those I have wrongly hurt, I am sorry. I will take this as a learning experience and move on to better things. My best to you all.


Based on the general hostility and thread derailment I’ve closed it until tomorrow. Rest up and stay safe; try to remember the other person and assume the best in others until proven otherwise.

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Hi @Ayden

One thing nobody has asked is why your go-to for mounting bearings is utilizing versablocks in the first place? Often times versa blocks aren’t really needed.

Do you mind sharing photos of some of your mechanisms in which you’re using versablocks to mount bearings?

For intakes and most conveyors, it’s been easier to use plate gussets or bearing bores in tubing itself to mount bearings (unless you’re anticipating losing tension or something).

If you can share more of your use cases we could take a look and see if you have underlying issues that can be resolved by other means.


The underlying issue is that our accuracy isn’t really there yet. Obviously, with versas, you need to be somewhere near the target but nowhere as close if doing bearing bores.

You may also want to check out 5254’s HYPE blocks. These are designed for 3D printing.



I will look into this further thank you.

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